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The Fabulous Bakewell Boys WORLD TOUR


Jerry & Steakley (That's us) are off on their WORLD TOUR. 

Alongside MC Danimal (@beyonceoftech) and DJ Beefcake (@Santero) the boys are going with The Tech Off team to the below events (which happen to be in different countries & thus creating a World Tour)

Wednesday 8th March - Dublin, Ireland - DMX Dublin

Saturday 11th March - Austin, TX, USA - UK @ SXS 

Sunday 12th March - Austin, TX, USA - UK @ SXS 

Monday 13th March - Austin, TX, USA - UK @ SXS 


For more info visit 

For more info visit 



It's t'year 2016. That's 2016 years since the Earth began. 

January is shite. Weather is naff, it's not stopped rainin' & our boiler is knackered meanin' it's a kettle bath twice a fortnight!

BUT we will be out & about the United Kingdom of London, travelling to our usual watering hole of t'Resistance Gallery for more adventures at Lucha Britannia.

However, February is a lot bloody nicer.

Firstly, we will be selling raffle tickets for charitable causes at the David Bowie cabaret evening at Bethnal Green W.M.C

Then we will be kicking about Shoreditch  for another evening of "Digital-Brutality" with The Tech Dept an' their event "THE TECH OFF". We are top quality, hardly skilled & highly useless security protecting the Belt of Tech.

And we have another jolly outing to the RetroFutureVerse with Lucha Britannia to follow that.

And to wrap up Feb we are offering another delicious slice of QUICHE!! That's Quality Unfiltered Independent Character Heavy Entertainment!!


Stick the dates below in your diary & keep up to date on Twitter & Facebook!


  • Jan 15th - Lucha Britannia @ Resistance Gallery
  • Feb 10th - David Bowie Cabaret @ BGWMC
  • Feb 11th - The TechDept presents "The TechOff" @ Cargo, Shoreditch
  • Feb 19th - Lucha Britannia @ Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green
  • Feb 20th - QUICHE LIVE! @ Harrild & Sons, Farringdon

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